Support us

One thing that makes us singular is that we’re half way between a for-profit business and a not-for-profit. We’ll undertake some projects for profit in order to grow sustainably and fund our dreams, but we may also take on low -or non existent- profit projects, that bring benefits to all humanity in the long term.

Because of that, we may partially rely on generous donations from individuals around the world who want to contribute to our cause: a greener future and a spacefaring civilization. Any kind of contribution will be welcome, as showing that joint efforts and collaboration go a long way is more important. We truly believe if we all contribute we can accomplish anything.

Take Kickstarter for example. If we all pledged some money, even if it’s very little, towards sending a rocket to Mars, we could reach the funding goal pretty quickly. In fact, we’ll create a similar campaign in the future. For now, we are on Patreon, another crowdfunding platform where you can donate money every month to steadily support our growth.

In what other ways can you support us?

  • Spread the word. Talk about us to other like-minded people interested in disrupting business models or looking for engineering services.
  • Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn and share our stuff.
  • Buy our products or hire our services.
  • Make a one-time donation (PayPal to or become a patron to get some perks in exchange.
  • Talk to us, discuss some interesting project, send us some love or exchange ideas.

Many thanks