Plastics Recycling Machines

The Set of machines include:

  • A Shredder to turn the plastic waste into small flakes
  • An Extruder to fuse the small flakes into a continuous shape
  • A Filament winder to create quality 3d Printing filament from the extruder
  • 3D Printer to produce almost anything from filament
  • An Injection Moulder to melt shredded plastic and give it the negative shape of the mould
  • A Sheet Press to fuse shredded plastic into thin sheets
  • A Vacuum Former to impress a mould into a thin layer of plastic

Depending on what you want to make, you will need a different combination of machines. Feel free to get in touch with us explaining your ideas and we’ll advise the best way to make them real!

Please get in touch with us at if you wish to rent or buy any of the machines