What’s a shredder?

The shredder takes plastic waste (milk bottles, water bottles, caps, plant pots, straws, cups and cutlery…) and chops it down to small particles that can be use later in the other machines.

What can you make with it?

Nothing directly, but you will use the shredded plastic waste in the other machines to melt them into new products. If your plastic waste is bulky this is a great way to reduce the volume it takes.

What do you need to work with it?

  • Plastic waste
  • Electricity (we have manual and pedal powered versions in development ! )
  • Boxes or bins to store the shredded plastic

How can you get a shredder?

  • If you want to buy one, our parent company Singular MARS  can design and build a motor, manual or pedal powered shredder to your specifications, or even parts if you want to build one yourself. If you’re interested in buying or renting one of our shredders please get in touch to get a personalized quote. Guide prices are: (delivery not included. Parts in stainless steel. Made to order, so it’s possible to adjust specs to your budget)
    • Parts for self-build – PLEASE ENQUIRE .
    • Shredder sub-assembly unit – Starting from £599
    • Manual shredder – Starting from £2699
    • Pedal powered shredder – Starting from £3199
    • Motor powered shredder – Starting from £3499
  • You can rent one from us: PLEASE ENQUIRE . Dependant on length of rental and distance from our workshop in Gatwick, Surrey.
  • Discounts available for charities, schools and social enterprises thanks to our Patreon crowdfunding. And remember, our PATREON supporters get a discount too!
Shredder sub-assembly  Manual (hand cranked) shredder,
 Motor shredder,
1.5 kW single phase, stand-alone
 Manual (hand cranked) shredder,
Pedal+Motor shredder,
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