Schools package

brochure for workshops in schools


  • Machines delivered to your school, motor shredder, extruder and injection moulder
  • A technician that will train your teachers so that they can confidently present the machines to their pupils.
  • Plastic and moulds to create products
  • Teachers can demonstrate the machines to their younger pupils while older students can operate the machines themselves with supervision.


  • £1000 for 1 day
  • £2000 for 1 week
  • £3000 for 1 month
  • £10000 for outright purchase

Why teach your students about plastic recycling?

  • Teaching future generations about the dangers of irresponsible disposal of plastic waste is a very important aspect of our present and future.
  • By experiencing first hand how a milk bottle can be recycled and become a new object, kids will learn the value of waste, recycling and taking care of the environment.

Why chose us?

  • We can design a bespoke package for your school
  • We have experience running events
  • We are a social enterprise: profit is not the main goal of our business. Educating about plastic recycling and investing in environmentally friendly projects is.